How To Buy Solid Wood Flower Stand?

Solid wood flower stand flowers are the existence that can bring a sense of nature to the home. Everyone hopes that their life is full of fragrance. However, if there are more flowers and green plants in the home, put them all in one place, it will be disorganized, there is no plan, this time you can choose the solid wood flower stand to place.

How To Buy Solid Wood Flower Stand?

I.Solid wood flower stand price and style

The price of solid wood flower stands varies from 230 to 400 yuan. If you need to customize, the price is more expensive. Generally 200 per square. Can be based on their own needs. Its styles are diverse, with common geometric shapes, diy shapes, and professional custom shapes. Different styles show different aesthetics and attitudes towards life.

II.How to choose solid wood flower stand
1, according to the spatial pattern to choose the size of the flower stand

The flower stands are available in different sizes. Before purchasing, you should determine the placement of the flower stand, the size of the space, and then choose the appropriate size of the flower stand.

2, according to the needs of the flower frame material

The flower stand has different materials such as wooden, iron, and root carving. When purchasing, you can choose different flower stands according to factors such as potted plants and interior decoration.

3.Select different flower stands according to the installation form

The flower stand has two installation methods, mobile and wall-mounted. If it is to be installed on the wall, you can choose the wall-mounted type. If it is placed on the balcony, you can choose to move it.

How To Buy Solid Wood Flower Stand?

4, according to the decoration style, choose the flower stand

In general, the wrought iron flower stand is biased towards the European style, and the wooden flower stand is biased towards the pastoral style, but the color is different according to the shape of the flower stand. The selected flower stand should be consistent with the overall style of the home to achieve harmony and unity.

5, according to the color of the home to choose the flower stand

The color of the flower stand is various, and the choice should be matched with the overall color of the home. For example, most of the home soft clothes are warm colors, and the flower stand should also be matched with the same color.

6, the style of the flower stand with flowers and plants

If you are planting plants such as spider plants, you can choose a wall-mounted flower stand that looks more like a contrast. If it is a potted plant, you can choose a mobile flower stand.

How To Put Fake Flowers At Home?

What is the fake flower in the home fake flower? It is the collective name of the plants such as flowers, vines and trees. Then, the “true flower” naturally includes plants such as flowers, vines, and trees that have a life phenomenon. Some people are not very good at taking flowers, they are busy at work and have no time to manage. They put fake flowers at home as flower decoration.

How To Put Fake Flowers At Home?

I.Can the home living room be placed with fake flowers?

It is often said that the living room is the facade of a home, which represents the overall image of a home. Therefore, in addition to considering the beauty of the flower decoration, it should also be combined with the factors of Feng Shui. It needs to be decorated to bring a good fortune to a home. . The living room should not be placed with fake flowers in the house. Some families like to put a lot of fake flowers in the living room. On the surface, although it is pleasing to the eye, it is actually easy to bring the heavier peach or marriage problems to the male and female owners; It is easier to bring obstacles to the marriage of unmarried members in the family. It is easy to attract the arrogance of falsehood or unreasonable air traffic, and even affect the family’s wealth, make people’s financial judgments wrong, and cause bad fortune.

Fake flowers and fake grasses are not vital, and the good effects on the family can be very weak. Some even have too much metal in the head, and even bring hidden dangers to the health of the human body. It will also be hindered.

II.Is it good to have a holiday in the kitchen?

In the home life, it is inseparable from the creative flower decoration. Many people don’t have time to take care of the real flowers. In order to make the home more beautiful, some fake flowers will be placed at home as flower decoration. The kitchen is a place with a lot of fumes. Although it is said that some fake flowers can play a decorative role, it is not a good choice from the perspective of feng shui or daily cleaning. Although fake flowers can not keep withering throughout the year, the gas field it brings is a negative atmosphere of decline, decline, decadence, and death. And the kitchen fumes are very heavy, and the mood is not much better every day against a pot of greasy fake flowers, so the kitchen holiday flowers are not very good.

How To Put Fake Flowers At Home?

III.Can the toilet be faked?

Everyone in the toilet knows that the darkness is not visible, the air is not airy, and now there is usually no window, replaced by a ventilation fan, and it is very humid. The toilet should be filled with green plants that purify the air, make oxygen, and grow in the shade. There is no life in fake flowers. The toilet is very moist and it is easy to breed bacteria. If it is left for a long time and is not cleaned frequently, it will cause a lot of bacteria, so it is recommended not to place fake flowers. Although fake flowers and fake trees are better on the surface, they are even more beautiful than real flowers and real trees, and they do not need to spend energy to take care of them. But after all, fake things are also bright and beautiful, and now many fake flowers are It is made of plastic, and the environmental performance has yet to be studied, so it is best not to leave fake flowers in the toilet.

The above is to introduce to you how to do creative flower decoration, like everyone like it.

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Flower Decoration – How To Buy Ceramic Vases?

Ceramic vases are now gradually becoming the best flower decoration in the mainstream of the home, ceramic vases elegant, superior, is the key to many people choose. But to buy a vase home, how to put a creative flower decoration has become a lot of people’s problem.Today, the small editor to tell you about the introduction of ceramic vases!

Flower Decoration - How To Buy Ceramic Vases?

I. Ceramic vases with feng shui

Bed is the core of the bedroom, bedroom bed placement determines the bedroom feng shui good or bad, the best choice of the bed north-south, head to the west, blood often head to the head, sleep more restless and stable; The head of the bed is suitable for placing ceramic vases, porcelain bottles fragile, easy to sleep with a harmonic sound.

Feng shui can promote sleep. However, the main placement, but also to see the overall decoration style, different from person to person, generally in the Chinese decoration style system, can be placed in the southeastern corner of the living room. Because the southeast belongs to water, aquatic wealth. Porcelain tong jade, jade can run the wealth. Can be arranged parallel to the living room wall and another, this location can be quiet, is your choice.

The rest of the position can be placed at will, ceramic vases must not land, porcelain for jade, jade has a fairy air, can not be self-stained dust. Porcelain as a kind of elegant art, its placement also pay attention to harmony, harmonious matching is the main key to the placement of ceramic bottles. Generally can be accompanied by a coffee table, tray. Flowers and crafts.

A good placement not only reflects the exquisite ceramic vase, but also plays a decisive role in the feng shui of the whole house.

The shape of the ceramic vase and the overall decoration style of your house has a great relationship, the main body of the ceramic vase is the key to the whole system, how to choose a good ceramic vase is your problem.

Don’t forget: Xiang porcelain production of ceramic vases of good quality, a variety of products, is your choice of ceramic vases a good place.

Flower Decoration - How To Buy Ceramic Vases?

II. Ceramic vase is good or glass vase good

Flower decoration must have a vase, then what kind of vase to buy to have the best flower decoration effect?

Glass vasemore modern, bottle sits with some colored stones, with colorful plants, permeable sense of hierarchy highlighted.

Ceramic vases have a strong sense of importance, reflecting the cultural depth of the head of the household.

Different decoration styles with different textures of ornaments, so vases are still based on their own room to choose. In addition, glass vases more fashionable atmosphere, in line with the young people’s aesthetic, the bottle added some colored stones, with colorful plants, transparent sense of hierarchy highlighted. Ceramic vases have a heavy feeling, the old people like more.

If you buy a glass vase, it is recommended to go to the diamond star glass vase to see, and choose a ceramic vase can go to some professional sales of these places to see.

Above is to want everyone to tell the flower knowledge, ceramic vases how to buy?I hope this knowledge will help when you make flower decoration.

What Are The Home Creative Decorative Flowers?

Decorations in the home although there is nothing to do in one aspect, but with the decoration of the decoration, the best decorative flower can give the whole home decoration will show more vitality and vitality. Home decoration flower are in the home, photo area and other need to beautify the place, in order to achieve decoration, beautification of the artistic effect.
So what are the home creative decorative flower?

 What Are The Home Creative Decorative Flowers?

 I. What flowers to buy for home decoration

1, in line with the characteristics of home furnishings

Home decoration for the choice of decorative flower, requirequiet, elegant, generous, can meet the overall requirements of home furnishings, decorative flower need to be based on the living room, bedroom, study and other different functional areas to choose.

2, pay attention to the decorative nature of flowers

Home decoration use a wide variety of decorative flower, in the choice of decorative flower to be cautious, like some flowers are not suitable for placing at home, such as white chrysanthemums, and some flowers placed at home, can add points for home furnishings, such as Milan, four-season laurel, jasmine, bamboo, Buddha hand, etc., can bring a new feeling to the home environment.

3, according to the room function selection

Decorative flower to buy, but also need to be based on the functional characteristics of the room, to choose. For the living room such as the center of home activities, decorative flower can be placed with larger flowers, soft texture, high color clarity, such as pink roses, horseshoe lotus, carnations, wind letter, lily can be.
Like the bedroom in the placement, you can place some stars and so on, to create a romantic warm atmosphere of the room.

 What Are The Home Creative Decorative Flowers?

II. What are the creative decorative flower of the cloth home

1, chiffon production

Chiffon fabric has transparent soft and light texture characteristics, so this material is particularly popular with girls, with its production of flower ornaments will have a flowing romantic feeling, the most suitable for wedding occasions, compared to the market to sell chiffon flowers, we make our own words to be a lot of affordable, can save a lot of money, production is also simple.

2, cotton making

Cotton cloth has soft, natural characteristics, made of cotton fabric home decorative flower, lookvery natural, and can create a warm, quiet atmosphere, low manufacturing costs.

3, cloth production

The decorative flower made of cloth are more resistant to sun, and not easy to fade, placed in the living room and bedroom, or balcony have a very good decorative, is currently used in decorative flower to make the most extensive fabric.

III. Simulating home creative decorative flower Simulation of home decoration flower, as the name implies is to flowers as a model, with cloth, yarn, silk, plastic and other raw materials to imitate.

Usually made of bandages, wrinkled paper, polyester, plastic, crystal and other fake flowers, as well as dried flowers baked with flowers, in addition to long-term maintenance, but also has strong plasticity characteristics. Simulation flowers are generally divided into two categories: preservation simulation flowers, according to the characteristics of real flowers, the target flowers all or part of the artistic processing of specimen flowers;

More detailed division, there are cement simulation flowers, full resin simulation flowers, steel structure simulation flowers, other simulation flowers and so on. Simulation flowers according to the types of flowers are: willow, tulips, violets, fennel bamboo, marigold, lily, suing orchids, daisies and other flowerspecies rich in spring atmosphere, giving people a pleasant, vibrant feeling. And full of stars, lotus flowers, water lilies, bamboo, malan leaves and other plain flowers, it gives a fresh and elegant atmosphere. The red maple leaves, the fragrant laurel flowers, the stiff pomegranate, the crystal grapes, the autumn chrysanthemums of the cream clearly convey a rich message of life.

The above is to introduce everyone to the home creative decorative flower, I hope you can like.

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The Process Of Making Buckets And The Purchase Of Buckets

Creative flower decoration is a lot of families like, it is used to match the home environment, choose the best flower decoration is very important. Flower buckets are essential for flower decoration, it is used to grow flowers and trees containers, for people who like to cultivate flowers and plants, flower buckets will be very familiar. But for the production and purchase of buckets, most of the small partners are not understood.
To this end, the following introduction of the process of making flower buckets, as well as the purchase of buckets notes.

The Process Of Making Buckets And The Purchase Of Buckets

I. The process of making buckets

The process of making buckets mainly includes the three steps of the inner frame part, the wood bar part and the assembly part, which will be introduced separately below:

1, assembly part

First, the inner frame part and the wood bar part are assembled with screws, the bottom of the frame is placed in the wooden strip and the back is treated.Then assemble the dispensing part of the flower bucket and cover the plastic film into the bucket.

2, wood bar part

Make the logs into the required specifications model, and the corresponding drying treatment, natural drying or steam drying can be. Then, keep the wooden strips flat, and then paint.In the paint treatment, the wood should be painted several times, then the corresponding grinding treatment, the wood surface of the burr removed, and finally brush the paint.

3, the inner box part

Selecting flat steel flat iron and other materials, according to the requirements to produce the approximate shape of the frame.
The frame is assembled and welded, the accuracy of the frame is handled, and then the frame part is acidwashed and phosphated and sprayed with outdoor plastic powder.

II. Bucket-shopping tips

1, look at the quality of the bucket

When the bucket is selected, the first thing to see is whether the quality of the bucket is stable and stable.Plastic, ceramic and tin buckets should be smooth on the surface, no cracks, wooden buckets to check the tightness of the joints of the wooden strips, the surface paint should be uniform, no burrs, bubbles.

2, look at the bucket load-bearing

When buying flower buckets, but also to consider the support capacity of flower buckets, according to the flower wood to be planted to choose the appropriate bucket size, material, to avoid excessive pressure to destroy the structure of the bucket.

The Process Of Making Buckets And The Purchase Of Buckets

III. Matching techniques for buckets

1, the style of the flower bucket

When the bucket is paired, pay attention to the style of the bucket, according to the current normal flower bucket style, usually have square, round and rectangular.When we choose, we choose the right bucket shape according to the surrounding decoration environment.

2, flower bucket placement location

The modern flower bucket sits well next to the sofa fireplace in the living room, on several bogu racks, and in the decorative cabinet.They complement other decorative items to beautify your life.

3, flower bucket plant selection

When the flower bucket plant selection, you can choose the plant with a long branch, with a distinct sense of symbolism, the shape of the beautiful color bouquet in the plain flower bucket, there is a pleasant mood of unobtrusive.

4, look at the breathability of the flower bucket

Flower bucket selection also pay attention to the breathability of the bucket, because the bucket is used to plant flowers and trees, must check the water permeability and breathability of the bucket, which will directly affect the survival rate of the flower.

The above is to introduce to you the creative flower decoration in the infrastructure bucket production process, as well as flower bucket shopping notes.I hope you like it.

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Creative Flower Decoration Cannot Do Without Flower Pots!

A lot of people like to plant flowers, flower decoration is among the flowers they plant, this kind of creative flower decoration should match the appropriate flowerpot, to the aesthetic degree can also play a double the result with half the effort. Creative flower decoration cannot be separated from flowerpots. There are many types of flowerpots. Different flowerpots have different styles and materials, as well as different flowers. Flowerpots are usually chosen according to the flowers to be planted.So, do you know how to make flowerpots?

The first is very simple and requires something that can be found at home, which is really zero cost. The things we use are our disposable cups for drinking water. The ones we need to make flower POTS can be used directly instead of taking new ones. There is also a need, is not to use the paper cup, because to make a flowerpot, inevitably need to water, but the paper is soaked, is very easy to break, so we should choose plastic material.

Creative Flower Decoration Cannot Do Without Flower Pots!

1.The specific method of making is only one step, It’s a flower matching facilities that requires only a pair of scissors or a drill. Then you need to make a few holes in the bottom of the prepared disposable cup. The holes should not be too big or too small, and the density should be controlled to some extent. The people who need to make them have a certain imagination.

Once it’s done, you can put it directly into the soil and a pot is ready. Some people may ask why holes must be pierced, but the reason is simple. If you want to plant plants, you must water them. If you don’t have holes in the bottom of a good flowerpot, you can’t leak out the excess water in time, which will easily rot the root of the plant. That’s why we buy flowerpots with holes.

2.The second method is a little more difficult. We can only plant small plants in a small pot. We can use eggshells, so if you decide to make a pot like this, you have to be careful with your eggs and try to keep the shell more than half full, otherwise it’s too small to grow anything.

Of course, if it’s just the shell, it won’t stand up, so we need to find a small shelf where we can put the shell. If you can’t find a shelf like this at home, consider making one yourself out of cardboard. Still have the flowerpot that is the flowerpot that this kind of method makes, have ornamental value only, can be used to plant a few seeds that can germinate so, want to plant bigger plant is not ok.

3.Finally a kind of method is more practical, also can make a little bit big flowerpot, can do it and bought a flower pot in the market, but the cost is very low, is used in the basin inside the kitchen in the home, had better be stainless steel, and then to pick a bit deep, several holes on the bottom of the tub, can become a flower pot, flower pot if you feel this is not very good, can for decoration, graffiti or is decorated with colorful cloth can be.

Above is small make up want to introduce the creative flower decoration in the flowerpot production method, I believe how to make flowerpot you already know, do you want to do it? Want to know more creative flower decoration, you can continue to pay attention to

Introduction To The Necessary Vases For Flower Decoration

In order to make the home more life style, people like to put a variety of flower ornaments in the home, including vases, not used to put flowers, even if placed there alone is a work of art. Creative flower decoration is not without vases, some people will put some fresh flowers in the vase, so that the home is full of fragrance all day.So do you know what kind of vases are?

Introduction To The Necessary Vases For Flower Decoration

I. What are the specific types of vases?

1, ceramic vases, the use of high-temperature earth burned vases. Most are more beautiful, patterned or atmospheric or vivid. Now there is also the pursuit of simple ceramic vases, there is nothing on it.
The ceramic vase is fragile, placed properly, and a soft cloth should be used when wiping away the dust.

2, glass vase, glass vase features are transparent, crisp material, used to arrange flowers have a taste.
Now the glass vase also has other colors, but also can see through the inside.

3, plastic vase, looks cheap, but it is cheap, hard to fall, so also occupied a part of the market.
Many plastic vases are creative in their styling, making up for the cheapness.

4, wooden vase, is made of wood vase. Wood vase is my favorite kind of vase, it is elegant shape, color calm and steady, as a craft is very infectious and personality.
A lot of creative flower decoration is not short of this kind of vase to do decoration.

5, bamboo vase, using bamboo woven vases, very artistic, full of the natural atmosphere. 6, metal vases, made of metal.
Metal vases have a strong metallic texture, a hard breath, the average family rarely use metal vases.

Introduction To The Necessary Vases For Flower Decoration

Ii. Vase shopping and matching


1, first of all to see whether the bottom of the bottle is stable.
Place the vase on a flat surface and touch it gently with your hand to see if it will shake.

2, to see if the color of the bottle body is uniform.Especially pay attention to this point of color vases.

3, is to see whether the surface of the vase is a large black piece of a type of object, this is the vase making raw materials not completely open caused, if the class is very small is not a big problem, but if greater than 5mm need to contact the seller to propose a replacement product.

4, to see if there are a large number of bubbles on the surface of the vase, if the bubbles are many and together, not;
(The size and diameter of the bubbles is relative to the size of the vase)

5, the mouth of the vase, such as the cut, need to see if there is a collapse in the mouth.If the mouth of the vase is an opening, it is necessary to see if the mouth is uneven.

1, the color of the vase Now the color of the vase is not as single as before, all kinds of colors, different styles, series of vases have come out. In the home color matching, if the vase is used as a matching room accessory or to complement the beauty of the space, then choose a vase that is similar to the overall style or can be fully integrated into the space.Of course, if it’s just a soft outfit, the choice of space will be very large, with a big choice of exactly the opposite hue, making it a bright spot.A vase as a flower matching facilities.

2, the placement of vases If the vase is to be placed in the living room, placed next to the sofa or placed on the TV cabinet, you can choose a glass vase with a modern atmosphere, with a stylish style without losing a modern feel. Why, because the living room furniture decoration is more, so in the vase selection is best simple and generous. The living room is a place where friends and family come to meet, you can choose some bright vases, to bring a lively and cheerful atmosphere to the living room. In the choice of bouquet, it is better to be larger, otherwise too small in the living room do not pay attention to its existence.

How Should Dry Flower Be Maintained As Creative Flower Decoration?

Choose some creative flower decoration can make our family environment more beautiful, many consumers want to buy flowers can keep virtue for a long time, therefore, we prefer to buy the best flower decoration, choose a unique and good quality can make us more beautiful decoration.

Beautiful flowers can always bring people a good mood, but the survival time of flowers is not long, preservation time is limited, so there are dry flowers on the market, placed in the home can also be decorated the effect of flowers, preservation time is still long.Many young people like to buy dried flowers, but buy back will not be maintained, the following small editor to introduce to everyone how to maintain dried flowers.Let you know about flower knowledge.

I.Do you need water for a dry flower?

Dry flowers do not need water, and put water is easy to provoke mosquitoes, especially in the summer if you change water is not so diligent, it will produce odor, and mosquitoes are also special, we all know that many infectious diseases are mosquito-borne, so do not put water.In order to be beautiful, it is recommended to use opaque porcelain or wood to put dry flowers, but also on the grade, others do not know that you do not put water, flower stalks do not bubble water can maintain longer.

 How Should Dry Flowers Be Maintained As Creative Flower Decoration?

II.How can dry flowers be kept longer

1, moisture-proof Dry

flowers will be damp, blackened, affecting the appreciation value of dry flowers. Temporarily did not use the dry flowers to be packed with cartons, placed in the ventilation, the bottom of the box to be high, from the ground to have more than 10cm, and also frequent inspection, regular double-dip. Dry flowers inserted in vases should also be placed in a ventilated place, not in damp places or unventilated corners, and often dry, mold-proof.
Especially the moldy rain season should pay more attention to the problem of moisture prevention.

2, anti-fade

Dry flowers should pay attention to maintain the color after dyeing, that is, the original design color. Sunlight exposure is the main cause of decoloration.
Therefore, when placing dry flowers, try to avoid too strong light.
In addition, dry flowers to dust, so as not to affect the color, you can often wipe with a dry cloth, or the wind clean, to maintain appreciation value.

3, cleaning

Use a hairdryer to remove dust, spray alcohol with a spray pot, rinse with water and dry.

4, sun protection

The pigment molecules on the dry flower can produce photosensitive oxidation and photolysis under the light action, destroythe chemical structure, lose the color rendering ability, and cause the flower material to fade. Under natural conditions, this change process is relatively slow, but the bright light exposure will undoubtedly accelerate the process of pigment destruction, shorten the ornamental life of dry flowers.
Therefore, in the placement process, try to avoid direct sunlight or away from the bright environment.

5, wind proof

Most dry flowers are light in weight and have poor toughness, and are easy to break, deform, fall and fall in strong wind, resulting in a decrease in ornamental value.
To avoid loss, dry flowers should be placed in a wind-free or breezy environment.

6, insect-proof

Although pests in dry flowers are not common, the consequences are more severe when they occur. Pest control should be mainly prevention, if the dry flowerhasing straw chrysanthemum, scale chrysanthemum and other insect-prone flowers, should be regularly sprayed with insecticides, while paying attention to whether there are a large number of solid particles around the dry flowerappear, petals have abnormal fall off.Once it is determined that there is a pest occurrence in the dry flowers, it should be thrown away and re-purchased.

III. How can dry flowers be kept to flower

Dry flowers as creative flower decoration has been a lot of people’s favorite, so you know dry makeup cotton production? There are many methods of dry flower production, but the natural drying method is the most simple, generally will be spent in the mature season after harvesting, cutting them, hanging in the indoor dry hot air, so that the water evaporates, in order to prevent tissue wrinkle, in order to better preserve its natural color, should try to use hot air to dry quickly, do not use plastic bags, Because it prevents the spread of water, causing mold. Dry flowers include a combination of dried flowers, fresh dried flowers, leaf veindri, which according to the raw materials and flower shape is different, but also divided into color-changing dried flowers, night light dry flowers and spray water will boil dry flowers, here refers to the spray will open, not the true sense of bloom, but the flower shape relatively enlarged a little, can only bloom once or twice, can not be long-term bloom,And there is a certain use of skills, to spray-like water, and water spray to moderate.

Consumers in the purchase of dried flowers must be according to their own needs, choose their favorite varieties, if you want to buy this spray will be flower-shaped to enlarge like “flowering” dried flowers, we must understand the methods and techniques used clearly, otherwise dried flowers will not “flower” Oh!

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How Should The Flowers In The Flower Decoration Be Maintained?

Flowers have many kinds of flowers, reasonable use of flower decoration can be very good decoration of our home, in daily life, we choose creative flower decoration to make our environment more beautiful.
So, you flowers as the most common kind of flower decoration, do you know how to maintain?

I. How to keep flowers fresh

1, sugar water

You can use white sugar for fresh flowers, first you can put some white sugar in the vase, and then add the right amount of water, so that the stems can absorb the nutrients in the white sugar, in order to keep the flowers fresh

2, beer

Beer can also be used for fresh flowers, you can pour some beer into the vase, and then add the right amount of water, which can effectively extend the flowering period.Because beer contains alcohol, that is, ethanol, can have a disinfection and anti-corrosion effect on the incision of flowers, so this method can effectively preserve flowers.

How Should The Flowers In The Flower Decoration Be Maintained?

3, tea

Ordinary water can keep flowers for three or four days of flowers, but the use of tea can be effectively extended, for tea contains some of the nutrients needed for flowers.The use of tea can also effectively extend the flowering period of flowers.

4.Vitamin tablets

Adding vitamin tablets to the vase can also be effective in keeping flowers fresh.First smash the vitamin tablets and put them in the water, then subtract the bottom of the flowers by a small section, and then insert them into the vase.

II. Flower preservation metho

1, scorching method

The end of the flower branch can be charred on the flame of the candle, soaked in alcohol for a minute, and then cleared using the remover.
This can effectively prevent flowers from decaying because of the root incision, and withering or withering.

2, immersion method

The end of the flower branch can be immersed in boiling water for about ten seconds, which can prevent the tissue in the flower spout, in order to preserve the nutrients in the flowers, so that the flowers have sufficient nutrients to maintain the state of bloom.

3, sterilization method

Can be added to the vase of alcohol, KMnO4, camphor, boric acid, citric acid, salt, alum and other ingredients, pay attention to the appropriate amount, can effectively play a sterilizing role, to ensure that the roots of flowers and water do not rot, so that flowers can always absorb water fresh.

4, nutrition law

The main reason for flower withering is the loss of nutrition, there is not enough nutrition to support the bloom of flowers, so you can add sugar, beer, aspirin, vitamin C and other nutrients in the water, can make flowers and stems for nutritional absorption.

III. Flower preservation tips

1, use cold water

When a flower loses moisture, there may be a case of hanging head, this time you can cut off a small section of the end of the flower, and then put in a container filled with cold water, only the flower head out of the water, one to two hours later, the flowerwill will come alive.

2, add the preservation agent

There is a special flower preservation agent on the market, can delay the time of flowers, so in the flower preservation can be added some. In addition, one-third of aspirin solution or one-thousandth of potassium permanganate water solution, as well as boric acid, sulfur, stony carbonate, salicylic acid, etc., can extend the flowering period. Choosing the best flower decoration can make the flower’s shelf life longer.

3, expand the cut

The slope cut of the base of the flower branch, the section of the base of the flower branch to two to four parts, the hammering the base of the cracked flower branch, etc. are the preservation methods of expanding the cut of the base of the flower branch, these methods can expand the water absorption of flowers.Slope cutting is a commonly used method, and the latter two are suitable for large quantities of woody flowers.

4, often change water

To keep the flowers fresh, often change water is necessary, because long time does not change the water, it is easy to breed bacteria, so that the root of the flowers decay phenomenon.
And change the water at the same time to cut the roots of the flowers have rotted to ensure the cleanliness of flowers and the health of the environment.

Only the knowledge of the maintenance of the flowers, and flower knowledge, in order to better make flower decoration more reasonable, more beautiful.

To learn more about flower decoration, please

How Should Eternal Flowers Be Made As Flower Decoration?

Flowers as beautiful ornaments, many people like to buy creative flower decoration, which can improve our home environment.
Through the best flower decoration, so that our living environment can have a beautiful visual sense. Immortal flowers originated in Germany, by the selection of roses, carnations, hydrangeas and other flowers after dehydration, dyeing, drying and a series of complex procedures processed.

This process removes sugar, fat, preservation, and staining from plant cells to preserve the natural structure, morphology, and color of plant cells.
So it doesn’t rot and the water is brittle, and keeps the characteristics of the flowers, such as full color, complete shape, feel the same as the flowers.

How Should Eternal Flowers Be Made As Flower Decorations?

1, the materials needed to make immortal flowers are: desiccant and its preservation box, paved coconut wire, appropriate flower material and place dwelling jar. We first choose a flower, retain the flower branches about three to four centimeters, this flower branch is to make the flower snare in the drying box.Pour a certain height desiccant into the drying box, gently insert the flowers into the desiccant, then gently sweep the desiccant around the flowers to hold the flowers up.

2, the production can not be drying agent directly on the heart of the flower, because such words will be the whole flower to flatten, so we start from around now will be the flower shape fixed. Place the remaining flowers in the desiccant and secure them as they were just now.After fixing the surroundings of the flowers, gently pour the desiccant, fill the whole flower, and cover the box with a fresh box.

3, put two to three days time to complete the production of immortal flowers, but in winter because of the cold weather, about a week or so to be placed to complete the drying. After drying, open the fresh box, the desiccant gently poured out, this time has exposed the dry flowers inside, gently take out the flowers, shake off the top desiccant, the flowers are finished drying.Note that the flowers in the desiccant need to be taken out of one flower, the action should be gentle.

4. Although the dry flowers and flowers compared to the color slightly different, but in the flower form to the greatest extent to retain the shape of the flower. We’ll get the dried flowers ready, remove the spread ingest, place the spread ingested coconut wire on the base of the ornaments in the storage tank, and pour a certain amount of desiccant into the center of the coconut wire for future drying.Remove the dried flowers, gently insert the spread of coconut wire above, and finally cover the decorative cover of the storage jar, a permanent flower (dry flower) finished.

How Should Eternal Flowers Be Made As Flower Decorations?

Specific responsibilities of the eternal flower:
1, all the materials are shown below: a glass flower room, a piece of dry flower mud, two immortal flowers, some moss, a golden ball, a pine worm fruit, a number of hydrangeas, two fine wire, a pair of tweezers, scissors and other tools.
2, according to the size of the base of the flower room cut a piece of dry flower mud and so large (no dry flower mud can also, just not good fixed).

3.Insert the wire into the bottom of the flower.

4, fold back the wire, with the wire side of the flower stalks and the other side of the wire around together, play a fixed role.

5.Insert the eternal flowers that are tied to the wire into the mud.

6.Cut the stalks of the golden ball and pine worm fruit into the appropriate length and insert it into the mud.

7, put the whole (arranged) dry flower mud into the flower room.

8.Carefully spread the moss on the mud with tweezers.

9, spread the moss, to ensure that the flower mud will be covered.

10, the hydrangea petals off, scattered on the moss, to play the role of embellishment.

11, complete the production.

Above is more as a flower decoration of the introduction of eternal flowers, you have learned? Would you like to try making immortal flowers? This flower decoration placed in our bedroom is very beautiful !