How To Buy Solid Wood Flower Stand?

Solid wood flower stand flowers are the existence that can bring a sense of nature to the home. Everyone hopes that their life is full of fragrance. However, if there are more flowers and green plants in the home, put them all in one place, it will be disorganized, there is no plan, this time you can choose the solid wood flower stand to place.

How To Buy Solid Wood Flower Stand?

I.Solid wood flower stand price and style

The price of solid wood flower stands varies from 230 to 400 yuan. If you need to customize, the price is more expensive. Generally 200 per square. Can be based on their own needs. Its styles are diverse, with common geometric shapes, diy shapes, and professional custom shapes. Different styles show different aesthetics and attitudes towards life.

II.How to choose solid wood flower stand
1, according to the spatial pattern to choose the size of the flower stand

The flower stands are available in different sizes. Before purchasing, you should determine the placement of the flower stand, the size of the space, and then choose the appropriate size of the flower stand.

2, according to the needs of the flower frame material

The flower stand has different materials such as wooden, iron, and root carving. When purchasing, you can choose different flower stands according to factors such as potted plants and interior decoration.

3.Select different flower stands according to the installation form

The flower stand has two installation methods, mobile and wall-mounted. If it is to be installed on the wall, you can choose the wall-mounted type. If it is placed on the balcony, you can choose to move it.

How To Buy Solid Wood Flower Stand?

4, according to the decoration style, choose the flower stand

In general, the wrought iron flower stand is biased towards the European style, and the wooden flower stand is biased towards the pastoral style, but the color is different according to the shape of the flower stand. The selected flower stand should be consistent with the overall style of the home to achieve harmony and unity.

5, according to the color of the home to choose the flower stand

The color of the flower stand is various, and the choice should be matched with the overall color of the home. For example, most of the home soft clothes are warm colors, and the flower stand should also be matched with the same color.

6, the style of the flower stand with flowers and plants

If you are planting plants such as spider plants, you can choose a wall-mounted flower stand that looks more like a contrast. If it is a potted plant, you can choose a mobile flower stand.

The Process Of Making Buckets And The Purchase Of Buckets

Creative flower decoration is a lot of families like, it is used to match the home environment, choose the best flower decoration is very important. Flower buckets are essential for flower decoration, it is used to grow flowers and trees containers, for people who like to cultivate flowers and plants, flower buckets will be very familiar. But for the production and purchase of buckets, most of the small partners are not understood.
To this end, the following introduction of the process of making flower buckets, as well as the purchase of buckets notes.

The Process Of Making Buckets And The Purchase Of Buckets

I. The process of making buckets

The process of making buckets mainly includes the three steps of the inner frame part, the wood bar part and the assembly part, which will be introduced separately below:

1, assembly part

First, the inner frame part and the wood bar part are assembled with screws, the bottom of the frame is placed in the wooden strip and the back is treated.Then assemble the dispensing part of the flower bucket and cover the plastic film into the bucket.

2, wood bar part

Make the logs into the required specifications model, and the corresponding drying treatment, natural drying or steam drying can be. Then, keep the wooden strips flat, and then paint.In the paint treatment, the wood should be painted several times, then the corresponding grinding treatment, the wood surface of the burr removed, and finally brush the paint.

3, the inner box part

Selecting flat steel flat iron and other materials, according to the requirements to produce the approximate shape of the frame.
The frame is assembled and welded, the accuracy of the frame is handled, and then the frame part is acidwashed and phosphated and sprayed with outdoor plastic powder.

II. Bucket-shopping tips

1, look at the quality of the bucket

When the bucket is selected, the first thing to see is whether the quality of the bucket is stable and stable.Plastic, ceramic and tin buckets should be smooth on the surface, no cracks, wooden buckets to check the tightness of the joints of the wooden strips, the surface paint should be uniform, no burrs, bubbles.

2, look at the bucket load-bearing

When buying flower buckets, but also to consider the support capacity of flower buckets, according to the flower wood to be planted to choose the appropriate bucket size, material, to avoid excessive pressure to destroy the structure of the bucket.

The Process Of Making Buckets And The Purchase Of Buckets

III. Matching techniques for buckets

1, the style of the flower bucket

When the bucket is paired, pay attention to the style of the bucket, according to the current normal flower bucket style, usually have square, round and rectangular.When we choose, we choose the right bucket shape according to the surrounding decoration environment.

2, flower bucket placement location

The modern flower bucket sits well next to the sofa fireplace in the living room, on several bogu racks, and in the decorative cabinet.They complement other decorative items to beautify your life.

3, flower bucket plant selection

When the flower bucket plant selection, you can choose the plant with a long branch, with a distinct sense of symbolism, the shape of the beautiful color bouquet in the plain flower bucket, there is a pleasant mood of unobtrusive.

4, look at the breathability of the flower bucket

Flower bucket selection also pay attention to the breathability of the bucket, because the bucket is used to plant flowers and trees, must check the water permeability and breathability of the bucket, which will directly affect the survival rate of the flower.

The above is to introduce to you the creative flower decoration in the infrastructure bucket production process, as well as flower bucket shopping notes.I hope you like it.

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Introduction To The Necessary Vases For Flower Decoration

In order to make the home more life style, people like to put a variety of flower ornaments in the home, including vases, not used to put flowers, even if placed there alone is a work of art. Creative flower decoration is not without vases, some people will put some fresh flowers in the vase, so that the home is full of fragrance all day.So do you know what kind of vases are?

Introduction To The Necessary Vases For Flower Decoration

I. What are the specific types of vases?

1, ceramic vases, the use of high-temperature earth burned vases. Most are more beautiful, patterned or atmospheric or vivid. Now there is also the pursuit of simple ceramic vases, there is nothing on it.
The ceramic vase is fragile, placed properly, and a soft cloth should be used when wiping away the dust.

2, glass vase, glass vase features are transparent, crisp material, used to arrange flowers have a taste.
Now the glass vase also has other colors, but also can see through the inside.

3, plastic vase, looks cheap, but it is cheap, hard to fall, so also occupied a part of the market.
Many plastic vases are creative in their styling, making up for the cheapness.

4, wooden vase, is made of wood vase. Wood vase is my favorite kind of vase, it is elegant shape, color calm and steady, as a craft is very infectious and personality.
A lot of creative flower decoration is not short of this kind of vase to do decoration.

5, bamboo vase, using bamboo woven vases, very artistic, full of the natural atmosphere. 6, metal vases, made of metal.
Metal vases have a strong metallic texture, a hard breath, the average family rarely use metal vases.

Introduction To The Necessary Vases For Flower Decoration

Ii. Vase shopping and matching


1, first of all to see whether the bottom of the bottle is stable.
Place the vase on a flat surface and touch it gently with your hand to see if it will shake.

2, to see if the color of the bottle body is uniform.Especially pay attention to this point of color vases.

3, is to see whether the surface of the vase is a large black piece of a type of object, this is the vase making raw materials not completely open caused, if the class is very small is not a big problem, but if greater than 5mm need to contact the seller to propose a replacement product.

4, to see if there are a large number of bubbles on the surface of the vase, if the bubbles are many and together, not;
(The size and diameter of the bubbles is relative to the size of the vase)

5, the mouth of the vase, such as the cut, need to see if there is a collapse in the mouth.If the mouth of the vase is an opening, it is necessary to see if the mouth is uneven.

1, the color of the vase Now the color of the vase is not as single as before, all kinds of colors, different styles, series of vases have come out. In the home color matching, if the vase is used as a matching room accessory or to complement the beauty of the space, then choose a vase that is similar to the overall style or can be fully integrated into the space.Of course, if it’s just a soft outfit, the choice of space will be very large, with a big choice of exactly the opposite hue, making it a bright spot.A vase as a flower matching facilities.

2, the placement of vases If the vase is to be placed in the living room, placed next to the sofa or placed on the TV cabinet, you can choose a glass vase with a modern atmosphere, with a stylish style without losing a modern feel. Why, because the living room furniture decoration is more, so in the vase selection is best simple and generous. The living room is a place where friends and family come to meet, you can choose some bright vases, to bring a lively and cheerful atmosphere to the living room. In the choice of bouquet, it is better to be larger, otherwise too small in the living room do not pay attention to its existence.

Introduction To Flower Pot Types And Purchases In Flower Decoration

Many people like to plant flower decoration, flowers need to be paired with the right flower pot, aesthetics can also play a double effect.

There are many kinds of pots, different flower pot styles, materials, with different flowers.
Flower pots are generally chosen according to the flowers to be planted.
A creative flower decoration can not be separated from the flower plate, through the reasonable choice of flower pots, can make the flower decoration more beautiful.

Introduction To Flower Pot Types And Purchases In Flower Decoration

I. Types of pots

1,plastic flower pots

Plastic flower pot is a common flower pot in life, its material is light, rich in color, easy to use, but breathable, poor permeability.
Plastic flower pots are widely used in soilless cultivation, used for the cultivation of dry umbrella grass, turtle back bamboo, horseshoe lotus, Guangdong all year old, but also can use plastic pots to nursery.

2, porcelain basin

Porcelain basin is made of porcelain mud, coated with colored glaze, the appearance of clean and elegant, beautiful shape, but its drainage, breathability is poor, porcelain plate as a tile basin can be decorated indoor or exhibition flowers.

3, marble basin

General marble basin raw materials to natural stone, colorful but heavy material, in the decoration as far as possible do not put on the table.

4, sandstone pots

Sandstone pots are carved with fine sandstone, with diverse colors and superior materials

5, purple sand basin

Purple sand basin also known as pottery basin, exquisite production technology, the shape of simple and generous, but permeable, poor breathability, not suitable for planting flowers and trees, usually used for hall room, guest room flower-furnished basin.

6, tile basin

Tile basin also known as mud basin, vegetarian pot, with clay made from, dividend basin and ash basin two kinds. The tile basin is cheap and practical, breathable, water seepage is good, suitable for planting transplanted plants.The shape of the tile basin is rough and is usually used in the basin of ball root flowers.

7, water basin

The basin has a large basin surface, no drainage holes at the bottom of the basin, often used to cultivate aquatic flower potted plants, “lotus tank”, “daffodil basin”, “wind letter bottle” and so on.

8, cement basin

Cement basin is durable, the surface can be spraypainted beautification, but its breathability, permeability is poor, the material is bulky, can be used to cultivate small tree-type plants, with a small bonsai style, covering the surface of the potted soil a layer of moss can increase aesthetics.

9, iron basin

The iron basin has a unique metallic luster, but is breathable and poorly permeable, and can be used to perforate at the bottom when cultivating plants and to add a waterproof layer to the interior.
10 wooden pots.Wood basins are breathable, but easy to breed bacteria, wooden pots also need to be embalming.

11, homemade flower pots

Flower friends use a variety of common items of life to make flower pots, low cost, unique shape.

II. Flowerpot shopping method

1, when buying should pay attention to the size of the flower pot, that is, size, high dwarf situation, these should be combined with the plant’s crown diameter, root whisker size. The flower pots and plant sizes are in line with each other, not only beautiful in appearance, but also conducive to the growth of plants. Also pay attention to the shape of the glass flower pot, color and the surrounding space match.
If the combination of strong gear, can enhance the interior of the house beauty and comfort, baking atmosphere.

2, drainage holes like plant excretions, discharge too much, nutrient-rich soil will be lost, can not be discharged, will seriously affect plant growth. Even water-loving plants, if poorly drained, have an effect on root growth.
The right way is to buy back the flower pot, use a window screen pad on the drainhole at the bottom of the flowerpot, and then put the soil, so as to avoid soil erosion when watering.

3, choose the flower pot or need to choose breathable, the bottom of the basin must have holes, recently saw a lot of people to buy that looks quite beautiful, valuable porcelain pot kind of meat, the bottom is not hole-free.
Even if the master of the master, can use such a pot to plant plants for more than a year, it is difficult to do it.