Creative Flower Decoration Cannot Do Without Flower Pots!

Creative Flower Decoration Cannot Do Without Flower Pots!

A lot of people like to plant flowers, flower decoration is among the flowers they plant, this kind of creative flower decoration should match the appropriate flowerpot, to the aesthetic degree can also play a double the result with half the effort. Creative flower decoration cannot be separated from flowerpots. There are many types of flowerpots. Different flowerpots have different styles and materials, as well as different flowers. Flowerpots are usually chosen according to the flowers to be planted.So, do you know how to make flowerpots?

The first is very simple and requires something that can be found at home, which is really zero cost. The things we use are our disposable cups for drinking water. The ones we need to make flower POTS can be used directly instead of taking new ones. There is also a need, is not to use the paper cup, because to make a flowerpot, inevitably need to water, but the paper is soaked, is very easy to break, so we should choose plastic material.

Creative Flower Decoration Cannot Do Without Flower Pots!

1.The specific method of making is only one step, It’s a flower matching facilities that requires only a pair of scissors or a drill. Then you need to make a few holes in the bottom of the prepared disposable cup. The holes should not be too big or too small, and the density should be controlled to some extent. The people who need to make them have a certain imagination.

Once it’s done, you can put it directly into the soil and a pot is ready. Some people may ask why holes must be pierced, but the reason is simple. If you want to plant plants, you must water them. If you don’t have holes in the bottom of a good flowerpot, you can’t leak out the excess water in time, which will easily rot the root of the plant. That’s why we buy flowerpots with holes.

2.The second method is a little more difficult. We can only plant small plants in a small pot. We can use eggshells, so if you decide to make a pot like this, you have to be careful with your eggs and try to keep the shell more than half full, otherwise it’s too small to grow anything.

Of course, if it’s just the shell, it won’t stand up, so we need to find a small shelf where we can put the shell. If you can’t find a shelf like this at home, consider making one yourself out of cardboard. Still have the flowerpot that is the flowerpot that this kind of method makes, have ornamental value only, can be used to plant a few seeds that can germinate so, want to plant bigger plant is not ok.

3.Finally a kind of method is more practical, also can make a little bit big flowerpot, can do it and bought a flower pot in the market, but the cost is very low, is used in the basin inside the kitchen in the home, had better be stainless steel, and then to pick a bit deep, several holes on the bottom of the tub, can become a flower pot, flower pot if you feel this is not very good, can for decoration, graffiti or is decorated with colorful cloth can be.

Above is small make up want to introduce the creative flower decoration in the flowerpot production method, I believe how to make flowerpot you already know, do you want to do it? Want to know more creative flower decoration, you can continue to pay attention to

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