Flower Decoration – Hand-holding Flower Stakes Introduction to You

Flower Decoration - Hand-holding Flower Stakes Introduction to You

Hand flowers are an indispensable part of the wedding flower decoration, the choice of creative flower decoration not only has decorative effect, but also has a beautiful meaning. Therefore, for the production of hand flowers, need to choose exquisite materials, in order to make the best flower decoration, according to the correct production steps to make good.
Here’s the hand-held flower-making method steps.

First,step by hand hand hand flower making method

  1. Making a bouquet model Use the leaves to make a rough hand-held flower model, design some hand-held flower shape.
    It is recommended that you choose an asymmetrical shape at design time so that one side is a little taller than the other, so that the overall aesthetic is better.
  2. Add a hand-held flower When adding a hand-held flower, determine the number of flowers added according to your preference. If the bouquet looks small, you can add a few medium-sized flowers in it, in addition to the flower, be sure to pay attention to the color balance of the bouquet.
    In addition in this process, but also to maintain the level of flower matching, to prevent hand flowers look too close to look bad.
  3. Add material After the main flower is done, this time we can put a little special flower sprig for our hand, this is also according to their own preferences.
    This will give the bride a beautiful appearance with flowers in hand.
  4. Dressing bouquets
    Then you can make some trimming of your bouquet, which is also to determine the length according to your own preferences.
  5. Fixed After dressing, we can tie the roots of the bouquet with tape so that we can secure it.
    Tied time must pay attention to, can not be too tight, otherwise the effect is not satisfactory.
  6. Ribbon Package After fixing, this is the time we can wrap our bouquets with beautiful silk.
Flower Decoration - Hand-holding Flower Stakes Introduction to You

Second, simple hand-held flower production method

  1. Pick material
    First we remove all the thorns from the roses and leaves, then pick a larger rose as the base, and add 3 small flowers and leaves to the base flowers.
  2. Making bouquets
    After finishing, we use floral tape to wrap the part of the flower stem, add 3 to 5 small flowers on the basis of the first flower, then wrap the flower path part with floral tape, add a layer of leaves on the basis of the upper layer, and wrap the part of the flower stem with floral tape, and finally we add a layer of 5 to 7 flowers.
  3. Embelling Bouquet Then add some large leaves as decoration, with the flowers about the height can not be too high, too high will block the flowers inside.
Flower Decoration - Hand-holding Flower Stakes Introduction to You

Third,Ribbon hand flower making tips

  1. Hand-held flower selection Hand flower production, first pay attention to the selection of material skills. Usually the wedding words choose more roses, roses symbolize love, is one of the most commonly used flowers in weddings.
    Choose roses as hand flowers, pay attention to the preservation of roses, so as not to affect the decorative effect.
  2. The basic type of hand-held flower Before you make a hand-held flower, you should also choose the type of hand-held flower according to your preferences. There are many kinds of flower decoration, the current more common type of hand-held flowers have popular circle, unique triangle, elegant curved moon shape, as well as water drop-shaped flowers and so on.
    When making, pay attention to choose and their own dress with the type of hand-held flower.
  3. The color of the flower in hand Creative flower decoration color matching is very important, the production of hand flowers also pay attention to the color of the flower, white is the most classic color of the wedding, white series of hand flowers are also the bride’s classic choice; I believe this flower will become the bride’s favorite.

In short, choose their favorite color, after all, that mood will be more good. The above is a detailed description of the flower decoration of hand-held flower production, do you have any understanding of it, do you want to try their own production of hand-held flowers?

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