How To Buy Solid Wood Flower Stand?

How To Buy Solid Wood Flower Stand?

Solid wood flower stand flowers are the existence that can bring a sense of nature to the home. Everyone hopes that their life is full of fragrance. However, if there are more flowers and green plants in the home, put them all in one place, it will be disorganized, there is no plan, this time you can choose the solid wood flower stand to place.

How To Buy Solid Wood Flower Stand?

I.Solid wood flower stand price and style

The price of solid wood flower stands varies from 230 to 400 yuan. If you need to customize, the price is more expensive. Generally 200 per square. Can be based on their own needs. Its styles are diverse, with common geometric shapes, diy shapes, and professional custom shapes. Different styles show different aesthetics and attitudes towards life.

II.How to choose solid wood flower stand
1, according to the spatial pattern to choose the size of the flower stand

The flower stands are available in different sizes. Before purchasing, you should determine the placement of the flower stand, the size of the space, and then choose the appropriate size of the flower stand.

2, according to the needs of the flower frame material

The flower stand has different materials such as wooden, iron, and root carving. When purchasing, you can choose different flower stands according to factors such as potted plants and interior decoration.

3.Select different flower stands according to the installation form

The flower stand has two installation methods, mobile and wall-mounted. If it is to be installed on the wall, you can choose the wall-mounted type. If it is placed on the balcony, you can choose to move it.

How To Buy Solid Wood Flower Stand?

4, according to the decoration style, choose the flower stand

In general, the wrought iron flower stand is biased towards the European style, and the wooden flower stand is biased towards the pastoral style, but the color is different according to the shape of the flower stand. The selected flower stand should be consistent with the overall style of the home to achieve harmony and unity.

5, according to the color of the home to choose the flower stand

The color of the flower stand is various, and the choice should be matched with the overall color of the home. For example, most of the home soft clothes are warm colors, and the flower stand should also be matched with the same color.

6, the style of the flower stand with flowers and plants

If you are planting plants such as spider plants, you can choose a wall-mounted flower stand that looks more like a contrast. If it is a potted plant, you can choose a mobile flower stand.

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