Introduction To Flower Pot Types And Purchases In Flower Decoration

Introduction To Flower Pot Types And Purchases In Flower Decoration

Many people like to plant flower decoration, flowers need to be paired with the right flower pot, aesthetics can also play a double effect.

There are many kinds of pots, different flower pot styles, materials, with different flowers.
Flower pots are generally chosen according to the flowers to be planted.
A creative flower decoration can not be separated from the flower plate, through the reasonable choice of flower pots, can make the flower decoration more beautiful.

Introduction To Flower Pot Types And Purchases In Flower Decoration

I. Types of pots

1,plastic flower pots

Plastic flower pot is a common flower pot in life, its material is light, rich in color, easy to use, but breathable, poor permeability.
Plastic flower pots are widely used in soilless cultivation, used for the cultivation of dry umbrella grass, turtle back bamboo, horseshoe lotus, Guangdong all year old, but also can use plastic pots to nursery.

2, porcelain basin

Porcelain basin is made of porcelain mud, coated with colored glaze, the appearance of clean and elegant, beautiful shape, but its drainage, breathability is poor, porcelain plate as a tile basin can be decorated indoor or exhibition flowers.

3, marble basin

General marble basin raw materials to natural stone, colorful but heavy material, in the decoration as far as possible do not put on the table.

4, sandstone pots

Sandstone pots are carved with fine sandstone, with diverse colors and superior materials

5, purple sand basin

Purple sand basin also known as pottery basin, exquisite production technology, the shape of simple and generous, but permeable, poor breathability, not suitable for planting flowers and trees, usually used for hall room, guest room flower-furnished basin.

6, tile basin

Tile basin also known as mud basin, vegetarian pot, with clay made from, dividend basin and ash basin two kinds. The tile basin is cheap and practical, breathable, water seepage is good, suitable for planting transplanted plants.The shape of the tile basin is rough and is usually used in the basin of ball root flowers.

7, water basin

The basin has a large basin surface, no drainage holes at the bottom of the basin, often used to cultivate aquatic flower potted plants, “lotus tank”, “daffodil basin”, “wind letter bottle” and so on.

8, cement basin

Cement basin is durable, the surface can be spraypainted beautification, but its breathability, permeability is poor, the material is bulky, can be used to cultivate small tree-type plants, with a small bonsai style, covering the surface of the potted soil a layer of moss can increase aesthetics.

9, iron basin

The iron basin has a unique metallic luster, but is breathable and poorly permeable, and can be used to perforate at the bottom when cultivating plants and to add a waterproof layer to the interior.
10 wooden pots.Wood basins are breathable, but easy to breed bacteria, wooden pots also need to be embalming.

11, homemade flower pots

Flower friends use a variety of common items of life to make flower pots, low cost, unique shape.

II. Flowerpot shopping method

1, when buying should pay attention to the size of the flower pot, that is, size, high dwarf situation, these should be combined with the plant’s crown diameter, root whisker size. The flower pots and plant sizes are in line with each other, not only beautiful in appearance, but also conducive to the growth of plants. Also pay attention to the shape of the glass flower pot, color and the surrounding space match.
If the combination of strong gear, can enhance the interior of the house beauty and comfort, baking atmosphere.

2, drainage holes like plant excretions, discharge too much, nutrient-rich soil will be lost, can not be discharged, will seriously affect plant growth. Even water-loving plants, if poorly drained, have an effect on root growth.
The right way is to buy back the flower pot, use a window screen pad on the drainhole at the bottom of the flowerpot, and then put the soil, so as to avoid soil erosion when watering.

3, choose the flower pot or need to choose breathable, the bottom of the basin must have holes, recently saw a lot of people to buy that looks quite beautiful, valuable porcelain pot kind of meat, the bottom is not hole-free.
Even if the master of the master, can use such a pot to plant plants for more than a year, it is difficult to do it.

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