Hydrangea As A Flower Decoration Details To You

Hydrangea as a creative flower decoration, it is a flower type and ancient hydrangea is very similar to a kind of flower plant, hydrangea because of its beautiful flower type, full color, and then by many people who love flowers breeding. But how to raise specific hydrangea, hydrangea breeding methods?Know that the people are still relatively few, let’s let’s understand some of the knowledge of flower decoration!

I. How to raise hydrangea

Hydrangea breeding is a certain attention, according to the season and temperature, as well as the region is different, the problem sly needs to be paid attention to in breeding is also different. Specific hydrangea how to breed, from the seasonal point of view, pay attention to winter, summer, spring and autumn in each season of breeding points.
From the regional point of view, to see the south and the north, when breeding hydrangea watering fertilization and so on.

1, spring Hydrangea farming in the spring, pay attention to pruning dead branches, as well as turn the basin for soil.
And spring is the season of hydrangea cultivation to lay the foundation, so when breeding, pay attention to, occasionally apply one or two nitrogen-based thin liquid fertilizer, which helps to promote leaf germination.
2, summer, autumn Hydrangea how to breed can be raised good-looking, this in the summer and autumn more dry season, need to pay attention to the number of hydrangea watering.
Summer because the temperature is relatively high, while the strong sun is very strong, so sooner or later should pay attention to watering flowers, to avoid the hot sun straight sun leaves yellowing scorching;
3, winter Hydrangea waitufora to winter, dewy cultivation of plants to keep warm, so that hydrangeas can safely winter.Potted hydrangeas can be placed in the south-facing yang, no cold wind blowing warm place, so that the spring of next year more conducive to hydrangea strains.

Hydrangea As A Flower Decoration Details To You

II. Hydrangea farming methods

1, soil

How is hydrangea better cultured? The first thing to pay attention to in hydrangea breeding method is the soil in which hydrangeas are planted.
Soil is needed for loose, fertile and well-drained sandy soil.

2, watering

Hydrangea planting pots and soil to keep moist, but watering should not be too much, especially the rainy season should pay attention to drainage, to prevent flooding caused by root. Indoor potted plants are better than slightly dry in winter.Too wet the blades are perishable.

3, lighting

Hydrangea is a short-sunplant plant that is placed in darkness for more than 10 hours a day and can form buds for about 6 weeks.
Usually cultivation to avoid the hot sun, to 60% to 70% shade is the most ideal, summer light is too strong when the appropriate shade can extend the flowering period.

4, temperature

When breeding hydrangeas, one of the things that should also be emphasized in the breeding methods of hydrangeas is the growth temperature of hydrangeas. Usually the temperature is 18 to 28 degrees C, the winter temperature is not less than 5 degrees C.
Flower bud differentiation needs 5 to 7 degrees C conditions 6 to 8 weeks, 20 degrees C temperature can promote flowering, see the flower after maintaining 16 degrees C, can extend the flowering period, pay attention to the high temperature so that the flowerfade fast.

5, fertilization
Hydrangea flowe

ring period is 6 to July, flowering period should be sufficient fertilizer, every half month fertilization once.

6, trim

Hydrangea flowering should pay attention to remove the stem, promote the production of new branches, proper lying, can maintain a beautiful plant shape.

The above is the hydrangea breeding method, in addition to these, hydrangea breeding also pay attention to pest control, as well as hydrangea breeding methods and so on.

Hydrangea As A Flower Decoration Details To You

III. Hydrangea Notes Hydrangea breeding when there are many aspects need to pay attention to, but the specific planting of hydrangea notes?
Here are a few points:
1, pay attention to the reproduction of hydrangea Hydrangea planting precautions, for the reproduction of hydrangea, we should pay attention to the sub-plants should be carried out before the early spring germination. The bar is carried out when the buds are sprouted, can grow after 30 days, and are cut off from the mother plant the following spring.
For the insertion, is carried out in the plum rainy season, the insertion temperature is 13-18 degrees C, after 15 natural roots.
2, pay attention to timely pruning Hydrangea flowering should pay attention to remove the stem, prompting the production of new branches.
Properly trimthe hydrangea can keep the plant in a beautiful shape.
3, pay attention to the basin soil replacement Potted hydrangea breeding, need to pay attention to the basin to change the soil once a year. Turn the basin to change the soil in early March for the appropriate, when changing the basin to the root of the plant to trim, cut the root of the rotting root, rotten root and too long root.
After the plant is moved into the new basin, the soil should be compacted, then poured through water, placed in the shade for about 10 days, and then moved outdoor for normal management.
4, pay attention to watering Hydrangea planting pots and soil to keep moist, but watering should not be too much, especially the rainy season should pay attention to drainage, to prevent flooding caused by root. Indoor potted plants in winter are slightly dry, and leaves are perishable when they are too humid.

As A Flower Decoration Full Of Stars Flower You Know How much?

Flower decoration is widely used in our daily life, the improvement of living standards, people tend to choose the best flower decoration. A few of the stars’ seeds? How much do you know about the stars as creative flower decoration?

Need to know, full of stars like the sun, usually when the maintenance needs to be placed in a good place of light, so that the growth of more vigorous, there may be a lot of people do not know how big the breeding of stars, full of stars can live for several years.Star seeds put a few pots in a pot What is the fit for a pot of stars seeds?

In general, a pot as long as the placement of 2-3 full star seeds, if properly maintained may also appear in the situation of burst basins, if only to sow seedlings, can be freely sown seeds, and then transplanted to a pot of 2 to 3 small seedlings is good. Usually with the seed seeding, to first soak the seeds with warm water, 30 minutes to remove the wrapped damp cloth and then germination, a day later it will be sown on the soil, watering the film temperature control maintenance, 2 weeks can germinate, and then normal maintenance is good.

As A Flower Decoration Full Of Stars Flower You Know How much?

In this case, a flower pot can be freely placed full of Star seeds, and so on its germination seedlings, and then transplanted for conservation.

I. How big a flowerpot is full of stars

Full of stars to be big flower pots, for small seedlings and beaded stars, the choice of flower pot size is not the same, there are full stars every 1-2 years to change pots, this time the size of the pot also has requirements.

1, for small seedlings In the breeding of flowers, the choice of flower pot size is different, different depth, the growth of the plants have a certain impact. Full star in the growth process often need to often take heart or top to promote its germination of more branches, so that the plant more full.For small seedlings, to use more than most of the deep flower pots to raise, generally prepare a caliber in 10 cm, depth is also more than 10 cm flower pots more appropriate.

2, for the formation of a plant For the full star of the plant, because its branches and leaves are relatively developed, and the root system is also very developed, so we need to prepare him a larger and deeper flower pot to raise. If the pot space is too small, not only can the root system not be able to reach freely, but also the huge strain is also easy to cover the pot. And full of stars potted plants, often are made into a spherical, plant flowering become a large flower ball.If there is not enough space in the pot, then the effect of large flower ball growth will not be very good.

3, for the basin After the full star into a plant, usually every 1-2 years to it for regular basin change, and the size of the depth of the flower pot to plant size as a reference basis, can not use too large or too small pots, otherwise the growth of plants are not conducive. Usually a 2-gallon-sized flowerpot can be planted, but planting depth should not be too deep, to ordinary depth is appropriate.Although the root system of the star is more developed, but the hairy whisker root more, the potted plant is too deep for the growth of the star is also very disadvantageous.

As A Flower Decoration Full Of Stars Flower You Know How much?

II. Full star can live for several years Whether you are planting or planting breeding full star, usually planted 1-2 years after flowering, full star is generally once a year to open flowers, flowering in May to August, this flowering period is relatively long, and this flower is fragrant, ornamental value is relatively high. That star can live for several years, full star can usually live 3 to 5 years. If it is taken care of better, its life can be extended by a year. What are the conservation methods for stars?

1, lighting

Stars like the sun more, so conservation is recommended to place it in a bright sunny place, put it on the window sill can be.
If the long-term loss of light, the plant will be long, resulting in the amount of flowering become silly, and leaves easy to fall.

2, watering

Full star prefers the humid environment, however, also more drought-tolerant, so to the full star watering can do it, see dry and wet for its growth is more favorable.
Usually ready to water before the best to observe the dry and wet situation of the basin soil, do not dry on the temporary do not water.

3, ventilation

When breeding stars, be sure to often ventilate the stars, especially in the summer heat season, multi-ventilation plants will grow faster.
If growing in a sultry environment, it is easy to produce disease, which affects the growth of plants.

4, fertilization

Full star also prefer sesame water, so said that in the exuberance of the growth of the star should be regularly to the basin soil to apply fertilizer water, can promote plant growth, promote the plant more leafy, flowering will be more colorful more.

Introduction To Flower Pot Types And Purchases In Flower Decoration

Many people like to plant flower decoration, flowers need to be paired with the right flower pot, aesthetics can also play a double effect.

There are many kinds of pots, different flower pot styles, materials, with different flowers.
Flower pots are generally chosen according to the flowers to be planted.
A creative flower decoration can not be separated from the flower plate, through the reasonable choice of flower pots, can make the flower decoration more beautiful.

Introduction To Flower Pot Types And Purchases In Flower Decoration

I. Types of pots

1,plastic flower pots

Plastic flower pot is a common flower pot in life, its material is light, rich in color, easy to use, but breathable, poor permeability.
Plastic flower pots are widely used in soilless cultivation, used for the cultivation of dry umbrella grass, turtle back bamboo, horseshoe lotus, Guangdong all year old, but also can use plastic pots to nursery.

2, porcelain basin

Porcelain basin is made of porcelain mud, coated with colored glaze, the appearance of clean and elegant, beautiful shape, but its drainage, breathability is poor, porcelain plate as a tile basin can be decorated indoor or exhibition flowers.

3, marble basin

General marble basin raw materials to natural stone, colorful but heavy material, in the decoration as far as possible do not put on the table.

4, sandstone pots

Sandstone pots are carved with fine sandstone, with diverse colors and superior materials

5, purple sand basin

Purple sand basin also known as pottery basin, exquisite production technology, the shape of simple and generous, but permeable, poor breathability, not suitable for planting flowers and trees, usually used for hall room, guest room flower-furnished basin.

6, tile basin

Tile basin also known as mud basin, vegetarian pot, with clay made from, dividend basin and ash basin two kinds. The tile basin is cheap and practical, breathable, water seepage is good, suitable for planting transplanted plants.The shape of the tile basin is rough and is usually used in the basin of ball root flowers.

7, water basin

The basin has a large basin surface, no drainage holes at the bottom of the basin, often used to cultivate aquatic flower potted plants, “lotus tank”, “daffodil basin”, “wind letter bottle” and so on.

8, cement basin

Cement basin is durable, the surface can be spraypainted beautification, but its breathability, permeability is poor, the material is bulky, can be used to cultivate small tree-type plants, with a small bonsai style, covering the surface of the potted soil a layer of moss can increase aesthetics.

9, iron basin

The iron basin has a unique metallic luster, but is breathable and poorly permeable, and can be used to perforate at the bottom when cultivating plants and to add a waterproof layer to the interior.
10 wooden pots.Wood basins are breathable, but easy to breed bacteria, wooden pots also need to be embalming.

11, homemade flower pots

Flower friends use a variety of common items of life to make flower pots, low cost, unique shape.

II. Flowerpot shopping method

1, when buying should pay attention to the size of the flower pot, that is, size, high dwarf situation, these should be combined with the plant’s crown diameter, root whisker size. The flower pots and plant sizes are in line with each other, not only beautiful in appearance, but also conducive to the growth of plants. Also pay attention to the shape of the glass flower pot, color and the surrounding space match.
If the combination of strong gear, can enhance the interior of the house beauty and comfort, baking atmosphere.

2, drainage holes like plant excretions, discharge too much, nutrient-rich soil will be lost, can not be discharged, will seriously affect plant growth. Even water-loving plants, if poorly drained, have an effect on root growth.
The right way is to buy back the flower pot, use a window screen pad on the drainhole at the bottom of the flowerpot, and then put the soil, so as to avoid soil erosion when watering.

3, choose the flower pot or need to choose breathable, the bottom of the basin must have holes, recently saw a lot of people to buy that looks quite beautiful, valuable porcelain pot kind of meat, the bottom is not hole-free.
Even if the master of the master, can use such a pot to plant plants for more than a year, it is difficult to do it.

Flower Decoration – Hand-holding Flower Stakes Introduction to You

Hand flowers are an indispensable part of the wedding flower decoration, the choice of creative flower decoration not only has decorative effect, but also has a beautiful meaning. Therefore, for the production of hand flowers, need to choose exquisite materials, in order to make the best flower decoration, according to the correct production steps to make good.
Here’s the hand-held flower-making method steps.

First,step by hand hand hand flower making method

  1. Making a bouquet model Use the leaves to make a rough hand-held flower model, design some hand-held flower shape.
    It is recommended that you choose an asymmetrical shape at design time so that one side is a little taller than the other, so that the overall aesthetic is better.
  2. Add a hand-held flower When adding a hand-held flower, determine the number of flowers added according to your preference. If the bouquet looks small, you can add a few medium-sized flowers in it, in addition to the flower, be sure to pay attention to the color balance of the bouquet.
    In addition in this process, but also to maintain the level of flower matching, to prevent hand flowers look too close to look bad.
  3. Add material After the main flower is done, this time we can put a little special flower sprig for our hand, this is also according to their own preferences.
    This will give the bride a beautiful appearance with flowers in hand.
  4. Dressing bouquets
    Then you can make some trimming of your bouquet, which is also to determine the length according to your own preferences.
  5. Fixed After dressing, we can tie the roots of the bouquet with tape so that we can secure it.
    Tied time must pay attention to, can not be too tight, otherwise the effect is not satisfactory.
  6. Ribbon Package After fixing, this is the time we can wrap our bouquets with beautiful silk.
Flower Decoration - Hand-holding Flower Stakes Introduction to You

Second, simple hand-held flower production method

  1. Pick material
    First we remove all the thorns from the roses and leaves, then pick a larger rose as the base, and add 3 small flowers and leaves to the base flowers.
  2. Making bouquets
    After finishing, we use floral tape to wrap the part of the flower stem, add 3 to 5 small flowers on the basis of the first flower, then wrap the flower path part with floral tape, add a layer of leaves on the basis of the upper layer, and wrap the part of the flower stem with floral tape, and finally we add a layer of 5 to 7 flowers.
  3. Embelling Bouquet Then add some large leaves as decoration, with the flowers about the height can not be too high, too high will block the flowers inside.
Flower Decoration - Hand-holding Flower Stakes Introduction to You

Third,Ribbon hand flower making tips

  1. Hand-held flower selection Hand flower production, first pay attention to the selection of material skills. Usually the wedding words choose more roses, roses symbolize love, is one of the most commonly used flowers in weddings.
    Choose roses as hand flowers, pay attention to the preservation of roses, so as not to affect the decorative effect.
  2. The basic type of hand-held flower Before you make a hand-held flower, you should also choose the type of hand-held flower according to your preferences. There are many kinds of flower decoration, the current more common type of hand-held flowers have popular circle, unique triangle, elegant curved moon shape, as well as water drop-shaped flowers and so on.
    When making, pay attention to choose and their own dress with the type of hand-held flower.
  3. The color of the flower in hand Creative flower decoration color matching is very important, the production of hand flowers also pay attention to the color of the flower, white is the most classic color of the wedding, white series of hand flowers are also the bride’s classic choice; I believe this flower will become the bride’s favorite.

In short, choose their favorite color, after all, that mood will be more good. The above is a detailed description of the flower decoration of hand-held flower production, do you have any understanding of it, do you want to try their own production of hand-held flowers?