How Should Eternal Flowers Be Made As Flower Decoration?

Flowers as beautiful ornaments, many people like to buy creative flower decoration, which can improve our home environment.
Through the best flower decoration, so that our living environment can have a beautiful visual sense. Immortal flowers originated in Germany, by the selection of roses, carnations, hydrangeas and other flowers after dehydration, dyeing, drying and a series of complex procedures processed.

This process removes sugar, fat, preservation, and staining from plant cells to preserve the natural structure, morphology, and color of plant cells.
So it doesn’t rot and the water is brittle, and keeps the characteristics of the flowers, such as full color, complete shape, feel the same as the flowers.

How Should Eternal Flowers Be Made As Flower Decorations?

1, the materials needed to make immortal flowers are: desiccant and its preservation box, paved coconut wire, appropriate flower material and place dwelling jar. We first choose a flower, retain the flower branches about three to four centimeters, this flower branch is to make the flower snare in the drying box.Pour a certain height desiccant into the drying box, gently insert the flowers into the desiccant, then gently sweep the desiccant around the flowers to hold the flowers up.

2, the production can not be drying agent directly on the heart of the flower, because such words will be the whole flower to flatten, so we start from around now will be the flower shape fixed. Place the remaining flowers in the desiccant and secure them as they were just now.After fixing the surroundings of the flowers, gently pour the desiccant, fill the whole flower, and cover the box with a fresh box.

3, put two to three days time to complete the production of immortal flowers, but in winter because of the cold weather, about a week or so to be placed to complete the drying. After drying, open the fresh box, the desiccant gently poured out, this time has exposed the dry flowers inside, gently take out the flowers, shake off the top desiccant, the flowers are finished drying.Note that the flowers in the desiccant need to be taken out of one flower, the action should be gentle.

4. Although the dry flowers and flowers compared to the color slightly different, but in the flower form to the greatest extent to retain the shape of the flower. We’ll get the dried flowers ready, remove the spread ingest, place the spread ingested coconut wire on the base of the ornaments in the storage tank, and pour a certain amount of desiccant into the center of the coconut wire for future drying.Remove the dried flowers, gently insert the spread of coconut wire above, and finally cover the decorative cover of the storage jar, a permanent flower (dry flower) finished.

How Should Eternal Flowers Be Made As Flower Decorations?

Specific responsibilities of the eternal flower:
1, all the materials are shown below: a glass flower room, a piece of dry flower mud, two immortal flowers, some moss, a golden ball, a pine worm fruit, a number of hydrangeas, two fine wire, a pair of tweezers, scissors and other tools.
2, according to the size of the base of the flower room cut a piece of dry flower mud and so large (no dry flower mud can also, just not good fixed).

3.Insert the wire into the bottom of the flower.

4, fold back the wire, with the wire side of the flower stalks and the other side of the wire around together, play a fixed role.

5.Insert the eternal flowers that are tied to the wire into the mud.

6.Cut the stalks of the golden ball and pine worm fruit into the appropriate length and insert it into the mud.

7, put the whole (arranged) dry flower mud into the flower room.

8.Carefully spread the moss on the mud with tweezers.

9, spread the moss, to ensure that the flower mud will be covered.

10, the hydrangea petals off, scattered on the moss, to play the role of embellishment.

11, complete the production.

Above is more as a flower decoration of the introduction of eternal flowers, you have learned? Would you like to try making immortal flowers? This flower decoration placed in our bedroom is very beautiful !