Flower Decoration – How To Buy Ceramic Vases?

Ceramic vases are now gradually becoming the best flower decoration in the mainstream of the home, ceramic vases elegant, superior, is the key to many people choose. But to buy a vase home, how to put a creative flower decoration has become a lot of people’s problem.Today, the small editor to tell you about the introduction of ceramic vases!

Flower Decoration - How To Buy Ceramic Vases?

I. Ceramic vases with feng shui

Bed is the core of the bedroom, bedroom bed placement determines the bedroom feng shui good or bad, the best choice of the bed north-south, head to the west, blood often head to the head, sleep more restless and stable; The head of the bed is suitable for placing ceramic vases, porcelain bottles fragile, easy to sleep with a harmonic sound.

Feng shui can promote sleep. However, the main placement, but also to see the overall decoration style, different from person to person, generally in the Chinese decoration style system, can be placed in the southeastern corner of the living room. Because the southeast belongs to water, aquatic wealth. Porcelain tong jade, jade can run the wealth. Can be arranged parallel to the living room wall and another, this location can be quiet, is your choice.

The rest of the position can be placed at will, ceramic vases must not land, porcelain for jade, jade has a fairy air, can not be self-stained dust. Porcelain as a kind of elegant art, its placement also pay attention to harmony, harmonious matching is the main key to the placement of ceramic bottles. Generally can be accompanied by a coffee table, tray. Flowers and crafts.

A good placement not only reflects the exquisite ceramic vase, but also plays a decisive role in the feng shui of the whole house.

The shape of the ceramic vase and the overall decoration style of your house has a great relationship, the main body of the ceramic vase is the key to the whole system, how to choose a good ceramic vase is your problem.

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Flower Decoration - How To Buy Ceramic Vases?

II. Ceramic vase is good or glass vase good

Flower decoration must have a vase, then what kind of vase to buy to have the best flower decoration effect?

Glass vasemore modern, bottle sits with some colored stones, with colorful plants, permeable sense of hierarchy highlighted.

Ceramic vases have a strong sense of importance, reflecting the cultural depth of the head of the household.

Different decoration styles with different textures of ornaments, so vases are still based on their own room to choose. In addition, glass vases more fashionable atmosphere, in line with the young people’s aesthetic, the bottle added some colored stones, with colorful plants, transparent sense of hierarchy highlighted. Ceramic vases have a heavy feeling, the old people like more.

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Above is to want everyone to tell the flower knowledge, ceramic vases how to buy?I hope this knowledge will help when you make flower decoration.