How Should The Flowers In The Flower Decoration Be Maintained?

Flowers have many kinds of flowers, reasonable use of flower decoration can be very good decoration of our home, in daily life, we choose creative flower decoration to make our environment more beautiful.
So, you flowers as the most common kind of flower decoration, do you know how to maintain?

I. How to keep flowers fresh

1, sugar water

You can use white sugar for fresh flowers, first you can put some white sugar in the vase, and then add the right amount of water, so that the stems can absorb the nutrients in the white sugar, in order to keep the flowers fresh

2, beer

Beer can also be used for fresh flowers, you can pour some beer into the vase, and then add the right amount of water, which can effectively extend the flowering period.Because beer contains alcohol, that is, ethanol, can have a disinfection and anti-corrosion effect on the incision of flowers, so this method can effectively preserve flowers.

How Should The Flowers In The Flower Decoration Be Maintained?

3, tea

Ordinary water can keep flowers for three or four days of flowers, but the use of tea can be effectively extended, for tea contains some of the nutrients needed for flowers.The use of tea can also effectively extend the flowering period of flowers.

4.Vitamin tablets

Adding vitamin tablets to the vase can also be effective in keeping flowers fresh.First smash the vitamin tablets and put them in the water, then subtract the bottom of the flowers by a small section, and then insert them into the vase.

II. Flower preservation metho

1, scorching method

The end of the flower branch can be charred on the flame of the candle, soaked in alcohol for a minute, and then cleared using the remover.
This can effectively prevent flowers from decaying because of the root incision, and withering or withering.

2, immersion method

The end of the flower branch can be immersed in boiling water for about ten seconds, which can prevent the tissue in the flower spout, in order to preserve the nutrients in the flowers, so that the flowers have sufficient nutrients to maintain the state of bloom.

3, sterilization method

Can be added to the vase of alcohol, KMnO4, camphor, boric acid, citric acid, salt, alum and other ingredients, pay attention to the appropriate amount, can effectively play a sterilizing role, to ensure that the roots of flowers and water do not rot, so that flowers can always absorb water fresh.

4, nutrition law

The main reason for flower withering is the loss of nutrition, there is not enough nutrition to support the bloom of flowers, so you can add sugar, beer, aspirin, vitamin C and other nutrients in the water, can make flowers and stems for nutritional absorption.

III. Flower preservation tips

1, use cold water

When a flower loses moisture, there may be a case of hanging head, this time you can cut off a small section of the end of the flower, and then put in a container filled with cold water, only the flower head out of the water, one to two hours later, the flowerwill will come alive.

2, add the preservation agent

There is a special flower preservation agent on the market, can delay the time of flowers, so in the flower preservation can be added some. In addition, one-third of aspirin solution or one-thousandth of potassium permanganate water solution, as well as boric acid, sulfur, stony carbonate, salicylic acid, etc., can extend the flowering period. Choosing the best flower decoration can make the flower’s shelf life longer.

3, expand the cut

The slope cut of the base of the flower branch, the section of the base of the flower branch to two to four parts, the hammering the base of the cracked flower branch, etc. are the preservation methods of expanding the cut of the base of the flower branch, these methods can expand the water absorption of flowers.Slope cutting is a commonly used method, and the latter two are suitable for large quantities of woody flowers.

4, often change water

To keep the flowers fresh, often change water is necessary, because long time does not change the water, it is easy to breed bacteria, so that the root of the flowers decay phenomenon.
And change the water at the same time to cut the roots of the flowers have rotted to ensure the cleanliness of flowers and the health of the environment.

Only the knowledge of the maintenance of the flowers, and flower knowledge, in order to better make flower decoration more reasonable, more beautiful.

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