What Are The Home Creative Decorative Flowers?

Decorations in the home although there is nothing to do in one aspect, but with the decoration of the decoration, the best decorative flower can give the whole home decoration will show more vitality and vitality. Home decoration flower are in the home, photo area and other need to beautify the place, in order to achieve decoration, beautification of the artistic effect.
So what are the home creative decorative flower?

 What Are The Home Creative Decorative Flowers?

 I. What flowers to buy for home decoration

1, in line with the characteristics of home furnishings

Home decoration for the choice of decorative flower, requirequiet, elegant, generous, can meet the overall requirements of home furnishings, decorative flower need to be based on the living room, bedroom, study and other different functional areas to choose.

2, pay attention to the decorative nature of flowers

Home decoration use a wide variety of decorative flower, in the choice of decorative flower to be cautious, like some flowers are not suitable for placing at home, such as white chrysanthemums, and some flowers placed at home, can add points for home furnishings, such as Milan, four-season laurel, jasmine, bamboo, Buddha hand, etc., can bring a new feeling to the home environment.

3, according to the room function selection

Decorative flower to buy, but also need to be based on the functional characteristics of the room, to choose. For the living room such as the center of home activities, decorative flower can be placed with larger flowers, soft texture, high color clarity, such as pink roses, horseshoe lotus, carnations, wind letter, lily can be.
Like the bedroom in the placement, you can place some stars and so on, to create a romantic warm atmosphere of the room.

 What Are The Home Creative Decorative Flowers?

II. What are the creative decorative flower of the cloth home

1, chiffon production

Chiffon fabric has transparent soft and light texture characteristics, so this material is particularly popular with girls, with its production of flower ornaments will have a flowing romantic feeling, the most suitable for wedding occasions, compared to the market to sell chiffon flowers, we make our own words to be a lot of affordable, can save a lot of money, production is also simple.

2, cotton making

Cotton cloth has soft, natural characteristics, made of cotton fabric home decorative flower, lookvery natural, and can create a warm, quiet atmosphere, low manufacturing costs.

3, cloth production

The decorative flower made of cloth are more resistant to sun, and not easy to fade, placed in the living room and bedroom, or balcony have a very good decorative, is currently used in decorative flower to make the most extensive fabric.

III. Simulating home creative decorative flower Simulation of home decoration flower, as the name implies is to flowers as a model, with cloth, yarn, silk, plastic and other raw materials to imitate.

Usually made of bandages, wrinkled paper, polyester, plastic, crystal and other fake flowers, as well as dried flowers baked with flowers, in addition to long-term maintenance, but also has strong plasticity characteristics. Simulation flowers are generally divided into two categories: preservation simulation flowers, according to the characteristics of real flowers, the target flowers all or part of the artistic processing of specimen flowers;

More detailed division, there are cement simulation flowers, full resin simulation flowers, steel structure simulation flowers, other simulation flowers and so on. Simulation flowers according to the types of flowers are: willow, tulips, violets, fennel bamboo, marigold, lily, suing orchids, daisies and other flowerspecies rich in spring atmosphere, giving people a pleasant, vibrant feeling. And full of stars, lotus flowers, water lilies, bamboo, malan leaves and other plain flowers, it gives a fresh and elegant atmosphere. The red maple leaves, the fragrant laurel flowers, the stiff pomegranate, the crystal grapes, the autumn chrysanthemums of the cream clearly convey a rich message of life.

The above is to introduce everyone to the home creative decorative flower, I hope you can like.

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