How To Put Fake Flowers At Home?

What is the fake flower in the home fake flower? It is the collective name of the plants such as flowers, vines and trees. Then, the “true flower” naturally includes plants such as flowers, vines, and trees that have a life phenomenon. Some people are not very good at taking flowers, they are busy at work and have no time to manage. They put fake flowers at home as flower decoration.

How To Put Fake Flowers At Home?

I.Can the home living room be placed with fake flowers?

It is often said that the living room is the facade of a home, which represents the overall image of a home. Therefore, in addition to considering the beauty of the flower decoration, it should also be combined with the factors of Feng Shui. It needs to be decorated to bring a good fortune to a home. . The living room should not be placed with fake flowers in the house. Some families like to put a lot of fake flowers in the living room. On the surface, although it is pleasing to the eye, it is actually easy to bring the heavier peach or marriage problems to the male and female owners; It is easier to bring obstacles to the marriage of unmarried members in the family. It is easy to attract the arrogance of falsehood or unreasonable air traffic, and even affect the family’s wealth, make people’s financial judgments wrong, and cause bad fortune.

Fake flowers and fake grasses are not vital, and the good effects on the family can be very weak. Some even have too much metal in the head, and even bring hidden dangers to the health of the human body. It will also be hindered.

II.Is it good to have a holiday in the kitchen?

In the home life, it is inseparable from the creative flower decoration. Many people don’t have time to take care of the real flowers. In order to make the home more beautiful, some fake flowers will be placed at home as flower decoration. The kitchen is a place with a lot of fumes. Although it is said that some fake flowers can play a decorative role, it is not a good choice from the perspective of feng shui or daily cleaning. Although fake flowers can not keep withering throughout the year, the gas field it brings is a negative atmosphere of decline, decline, decadence, and death. And the kitchen fumes are very heavy, and the mood is not much better every day against a pot of greasy fake flowers, so the kitchen holiday flowers are not very good.

How To Put Fake Flowers At Home?

III.Can the toilet be faked?

Everyone in the toilet knows that the darkness is not visible, the air is not airy, and now there is usually no window, replaced by a ventilation fan, and it is very humid. The toilet should be filled with green plants that purify the air, make oxygen, and grow in the shade. There is no life in fake flowers. The toilet is very moist and it is easy to breed bacteria. If it is left for a long time and is not cleaned frequently, it will cause a lot of bacteria, so it is recommended not to place fake flowers. Although fake flowers and fake trees are better on the surface, they are even more beautiful than real flowers and real trees, and they do not need to spend energy to take care of them. But after all, fake things are also bright and beautiful, and now many fake flowers are It is made of plastic, and the environmental performance has yet to be studied, so it is best not to leave fake flowers in the toilet.

The above is to introduce to you how to do creative flower decoration, like everyone like it.

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