The Process Of Making Buckets And The Purchase Of Buckets

The Process Of Making Buckets And The Purchase Of Buckets

Creative flower decoration is a lot of families like, it is used to match the home environment, choose the best flower decoration is very important. Flower buckets are essential for flower decoration, it is used to grow flowers and trees containers, for people who like to cultivate flowers and plants, flower buckets will be very familiar. But for the production and purchase of buckets, most of the small partners are not understood.
To this end, the following introduction of the process of making flower buckets, as well as the purchase of buckets notes.

The Process Of Making Buckets And The Purchase Of Buckets

I. The process of making buckets

The process of making buckets mainly includes the three steps of the inner frame part, the wood bar part and the assembly part, which will be introduced separately below:

1, assembly part

First, the inner frame part and the wood bar part are assembled with screws, the bottom of the frame is placed in the wooden strip and the back is treated.Then assemble the dispensing part of the flower bucket and cover the plastic film into the bucket.

2, wood bar part

Make the logs into the required specifications model, and the corresponding drying treatment, natural drying or steam drying can be. Then, keep the wooden strips flat, and then paint.In the paint treatment, the wood should be painted several times, then the corresponding grinding treatment, the wood surface of the burr removed, and finally brush the paint.

3, the inner box part

Selecting flat steel flat iron and other materials, according to the requirements to produce the approximate shape of the frame.
The frame is assembled and welded, the accuracy of the frame is handled, and then the frame part is acidwashed and phosphated and sprayed with outdoor plastic powder.

II. Bucket-shopping tips

1, look at the quality of the bucket

When the bucket is selected, the first thing to see is whether the quality of the bucket is stable and stable.Plastic, ceramic and tin buckets should be smooth on the surface, no cracks, wooden buckets to check the tightness of the joints of the wooden strips, the surface paint should be uniform, no burrs, bubbles.

2, look at the bucket load-bearing

When buying flower buckets, but also to consider the support capacity of flower buckets, according to the flower wood to be planted to choose the appropriate bucket size, material, to avoid excessive pressure to destroy the structure of the bucket.

The Process Of Making Buckets And The Purchase Of Buckets

III. Matching techniques for buckets

1, the style of the flower bucket

When the bucket is paired, pay attention to the style of the bucket, according to the current normal flower bucket style, usually have square, round and rectangular.When we choose, we choose the right bucket shape according to the surrounding decoration environment.

2, flower bucket placement location

The modern flower bucket sits well next to the sofa fireplace in the living room, on several bogu racks, and in the decorative cabinet.They complement other decorative items to beautify your life.

3, flower bucket plant selection

When the flower bucket plant selection, you can choose the plant with a long branch, with a distinct sense of symbolism, the shape of the beautiful color bouquet in the plain flower bucket, there is a pleasant mood of unobtrusive.

4, look at the breathability of the flower bucket

Flower bucket selection also pay attention to the breathability of the bucket, because the bucket is used to plant flowers and trees, must check the water permeability and breathability of the bucket, which will directly affect the survival rate of the flower.

The above is to introduce to you the creative flower decoration in the infrastructure bucket production process, as well as flower bucket shopping notes.I hope you like it.

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